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School Improvement Plan (Title 1)

2022-2023 Schoolwide Improvement Plan (SIP)
Vidalia Lower Elementary School's Schoolwide Improvement plan is available for viewing in its entirety.  Please visit our school office.
Goal 1: Vidalia Lower Elementary will demonstrate gains in ELA through academic achievement based on IRLA.
Performance Objective 1: By April 14, 2023, 66%-75% of the students in kindergarten through second grade at Vidalia Lower Elementary School will perform in reading at a level of Proficient or above (on or above grade level) as measured by IRLA.
Goal 2: Vidalia Lower Elementary will demonstrate academic gains in Math as measured by performance objectives.
Performance Objective 1: By the end of the 2022- 2023 school year, kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students who have been present for 80% or more of the schoolyear will increase their average score on the Math Benchmark Assessment by 12 to 20 percentage points, increasing the overall score from 43.8% to 64%.

Goal 3: Vidalia Lower Elementary will build partnerships between home, school, and community to support student success and achievement.
Performance Objective 1: Vidalia Lower Elementary will increase parent participation by 20% at school events throughout the 2022/2023. school year