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Mission Statement

Our Mission at Vidalia Lower Elementary


Our mission at Vidalia Lower Elementary School is to enhance students’ lives academically and socially to create lifelong learners.

Our Philosophy at Vidalia Lower Elementary

Vidalia Lower Elementary holds fast to the belief that school must provide an encouraging and nurturing environment that is firmly grounded in a sense of safety, equity, and belonging.  Thus, in order to ensure the full development of the whole child, we promote educational experiences that place emphasis on a child's social, emotional, and physical development as part of the total teaching/learning process.  We embrace the concept that each child is innately different, with differing abilities, learning styles, beliefs, and experiences; and we accept that teachers must know and understand the strengths and challenges of each individual student in order to address these differences.

We recognize the importance of school-parent-community partnerships and believe that educating our children must be a shared effort. Family involvement in education is an indicator of student success, while community engagement is known to provide important resources that respond to the vast and vital needs of students.  Accordingly, we welcome and actively pursue support and involvement from all stakeholders.

We believe that all children can learn.  Moreover, we acknowledge that it is a school's role in education to inspire and guide each child to attain their maximum potential and ultimately take their place as a productive, well-adjusted citizen in the greater community.