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All Hybrid Students will come to school Monday through Thursday starting 9/21/20.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader (AR)
2020-2021 AR Theme: Wild About Reading. a safari theme

VLE's AR program starts Friday, September 11th 
Scroll to bottom of this page to read about the AR Family Project due by Sept. 12th.
Students may start reading and quizzing on Friday, Sept. 11th.
Teachers will send your child's AR username and password during the week of Sept. 14th.

Accelerated Reader is a supplementary reading program for Kindergarteners, 1st graders and 2nd graders that encourages students to read books independently and to check their comprehension by taking an AR quiz at school or at home.  Parents are encouraged to read to and with their children, and to listen to those students who are able to read independently.  Our Pre-K friends are invited to participate in our dress-up day and family photo project!

The AR theme for 2020-2021 is "Wild About Reading", a safari theme. Each student will have a minimum yearly goal of earning 20 reading practice points by reading to and with their parents and teachers. Most of our students will read picture books that earn them 0.5 points if they get all five questions correct.  To reach the 20 points goal, students will need to read and quiz on 40 or more AR books throughout the school year.  

Students may  use books that they already have at home.  Go to to enter the book titles that you have at home to see if they are AR books. If they are, your child may use the books to read and quiz on in the AR program.  While the pandemic is still in progress, students will not check out books from the VLE Library.

You can also look on the VLE website under Helpful Sites to choose a book from the ABDO Books link or the VLE Library Search.  Your child's teacher may also have shared the EPIC! books site with you to access books.  The Concordia Parish Library website gives you access to Tumble Books and other sites if you have a library card. The Vidalia Library branch is located at 408 Texas Street just across from the Senior Citizens building.  Their hours are Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00.  Call them at (318) 336-5043 .   If you don't have a library card, you can sign up for one on their website:

You can use books or read-alouds from anywhere you can access them, just check to be sure that they are AR books by checking the title and author on the site.

Parents, please read the books several times to or with your child before letting them take a quiz. Then, go to the AR login screen and help your child login to take the quiz.   If the book was read to the child either by someone at home or as a computer read-aloud, then the quiz must be read to the the child.  PLEASE DO NOT TELL YOUR CHILD THE QUIZ ANSWERS.  AR is used to help increase both listening and reading comprehension.  It is not helping the child if you answer for them. They also should not use the book to figure out an answer to a quiz question!

Students may take quizzes at school or from home, but only during the hours of 7:30-3:00, Monday through Friday.   Students should take no more than 3 quizzes per day.  One book/quiz each day will get the students to their goals easily.

Parents may sign up to use HOME CONNECT, which is an email notification system that sends you a message each time your child takes an AR quiz at school or home. To sign up for HOME CONNECT, go to; click on Helpful Sites; click on Home Connect; login with the student's login information. You can track your child's progress for the grading period or you can change the dropdown menu to School Year to see how they are progressing toward their 20 points annual goal toward Wall of Fame status. Click on email setup to have an email sent to you every time your child takes an AR quiz. 

Rewards, Awards and Celebrations
The Accelerated Reader program begins each year the week following the Labor Day holiday. A family project based on the theme and a dress-up day help kick-off the program. 

Students have a points goal set for each nine weeks. 
First nine weeks goal: 4 points (read and quiz on 8-10 books)
Second nine weeks goal: 6 points (read and quiz on 12-16 books)
Third nine weeks goal: 6 points (read and quiz on 12-16 books)
Fourth nine weeks goal: 4 points (read and quiz 8-10 books)

Students who reach their 20 Points goal will receive a brag tag to display on their backpack.  Students who earn 25 points while maintaining an comprehension accuracy average of 85% or higher will be recognized on the AR Wall of Fame. Students may earn additional recognition and prizes by reading and earning 50, 75, or more points.  

The AR program ends on April 23rd with a Bubble and Shine Day to celebrate the success of our students.  Students will also get to choose a new free paperback book compliments of the VLE Library.

An AR Awards program is held each year in May. The top points earner and the student with the top accuracy average from each class will be recognized with a medal of honor.  The top reader in each grade level will be recognized with a trophy.  The top three overall readers for the school will also be recognized with a trophy and a prize package.  Students who reach the 50, 75 and 100 points clubs also receive special awards and recognition.

Students who reach the Wall of Fame will be recognized at the end of the school year.

AR Family Project:  While at home on Friday or Saturday, September 11th or 12th, students are asked to dress up as if they are going on a safari. Please don't buy a costume or go to any expense.  Use what you already have at home or just dress in a school uniform.  Students can wear khaki uniform bottoms and white shirt, knee socks, boots/sneakers, and a safari hat, if you already have one.  Students may choose to dress up as a wild animal or in a wild animal shirt instead of safari outfits. 

Project: Take a photo of your child reading a book, or demonstrating that they are "wild about reading" while dressed in their safari outfits.  They can be reading alone, with siblings, with parents or grandparents, with pets or stuffed animals.  Email the photo to and be sure to include the child's name and teacher's name!  All photos are needed by the end of the day, September 12th. 

If you have any questions about Accelerated Reader, you may contact our librarian, Ms. Mingee at  or