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Have a safe and happy summer!  School resumes for 2019-2020 on August 9th.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader (AR)
2018-19 AR Theme: Reading Round-up

Accelerated Reader is a supplementary reading program for Kindergarteners, 1st graders and 2nd graders that encourages students to read books independently and to check their comprehension by taking an AR quiz at school.  Parents are encouraged to read to and with their children, and to listen to those students who are able to read independently.  

Each year our AR program has a theme.  The theme for 2018-19  is "Reading Round-up".  Each student will have a yearly goal of earning 20 reading practice points by reading to and with their parents. 

AR books will be sent home by the classroom teacher several times each month.  First and Second Grade students will also bring home library books each week that are considered AR books.  

Parents, please read the books several times to or with your child, and then complete the ready to quiz form or sign the reading log that should come home with each book.  Return the book and the quiz form/reading log, and your child's teacher will give your child the opportunity to take the quiz at school.  Students may only take quizzes at school.  

At the first report card conference, parents will receive information about how to use HOME CONNECT, which is an email notification system that sends you a message each time your child takes an AR quiz.  Once on the Home Connect site, you will need your child's username and password to login.  Ask your child's teacher if you did not get that information at report card time.  You can see your child's progress for the grading period or you can change the dropdown menu to School Year to see how they are progressing toward their 20 points goal or how close they may be to Wall of Fame status. Click on email setup to have an email sent to you every time your child takes an AR quiz.

Students who reach their 20 Points goal will receive a brag tag.  Students who earn 25 points while maintaining an comprehension accuracy average of 85% or higher will be recognized on the AR Wall of Fame. Students may earn additional brag tags by reading and earning 25, 50, 75 or more points.  The top reader in each grade level will be recognized at the end of the year.  The top three overall readers for the school will also be recognized. 

If you have any questions about Accelerated Reader, you may contact our librarian at