Mrs. Joey Willett » Welcome to Mrs. Willett's Kindergarten Class!

Welcome to Mrs. Willett's Kindergarten Class!

My name is Joey Willett. My husband's name is Archie. I have a daughter named Allie who is in dental hygiene school in Austin and a son, Peyton, who lives in Oxford. I love dogs and gardening. I have a sweet West Highland Terrier named Clyde and a rescue named Tulip. I love to volunteer to walk shelter dogs, and I love to plant new things in my yard.  I especially love pretty flowers.
  I've been a kindergarten teacher here at VLE for 7 years and love it!  I've taught at a Montessori school in Colorado, 3rd and 4th grades in Natchez for one year each, first grade for eight years in Natchez, and kindergarten since I've been at VLE!.  I have a double major in early childhood education and elementary education.  I graduated with those degrees from a small, all girls' school in South Carolina called Converse College. My favorite class was Literature for the Child because I was able to learn about  great award winning children's books. 
   Kindergarten is definitely the busiest of all the grades I've taught.  We have to get busy not only learning skills we need for first grade, but we have to learn all the new classroom procedures (the "how" we do stuff). I always look forward to a new year and meeting a new class.  I know we will have a great year with lots of positive things happening!! Remember to add the app Classroom Dojo to your phone.  I love to send pictures, videos, and messages through this app.  You can even message me!  I'm looking forward to having a great year with my sweet class this year!