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Welcome to the Vidalia Lower Library!

Library Policies 

During the CoVid-19 pandemic, these library policies are subject to change in order to keep our students safe. 


Each class visits the library based on a weekly rotating schedule. First and Second Graders are allowed to check out library books for a period of one week if their parent signs a permission slip for them to do so.  During library classes, students will participate in a variety of activities designed to excite them about reading including story-time, songs, poetry, choral readings, library skills lessons, writing, and art projects that are age appropriate. 


Library Book Check-out Policies

Students may check-out library books for one week. Only one book at a time may be borrowed from the VLE library.

Students are responsible for taking care of their library book. Students should transport their book from school to home in a backpack.  Books should not be taken out on the bus. Books should be kept clean and dry and safe from younger siblings and family pets.
  • If a book becomes lost or damaged, the librarian will assess fees to cover the damage or replacement cost of the book. 
  • If a student withdraws, the library book must be returned before records will be released.
No book check-out for the weeks prior to Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, and Spring break. All library books must be returned by the first Friday in May.

Please remember that children are great copy-cats.  When they see their parents and others they love reading and treating books with respect, they will do the same. Teaching a child to love books is to give a gift that will never be outgrown, torn, broken or lost.  The love of reading is a priceless gift.

Susan Mingee, VLE Librarian